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VINCENT PRADIER creates a world of fashion accessories, a world infused with French elegance and European creativity, a world in which each woman will assert her style, her identity, her personality.



Our strict selection of natural materials and yarns-cashmere, yak wool, ultra fine merino wool, silk for our Shawls, ultra soft and durable wool for our one-size-fits-all gloves —  highlights our permanent demand of quality and refinement. It is our daily tribute to Softness.



Our creative choices reflect our desired lifestyle as we long for days surrounded with natural beauty, comfort and warmth.

Our desire of timeless elegance is intertwined with our love of colours, subtle harmonies and dramatic contrasts. Our wide colour range wants to let you be yourself, make our products yours and feel naturally instantly outstanding and beautiful. 

Our products design also reflects the diversity of our lives and experiences, the gorgeous diversity of our world. 


Our products are authentic and natural. They are mostly made by hand be it raffia hats and bags, hand-knitted beanies and snoods, or embroidered woven shawls. They will be your pretty companion throughout the year, in the city and in the snowy mountains, over 4 seasons, during your day time and your evening party time.   

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